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This is Ginger.


1. Immune system

2. Heart health

3. Anti-parasitic

4. Cancer

5. Infections


Ginger is most commonly used for stomachaches and to aid with digestion.

It increases the release of bile and digestive enzymes which helps you better break down your food.

It’s also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which is useful for overgrowth and infections of the GI tract.

Ginger is also commonly used for nausea and it’s even useful for relieving gas or headaches.

Ginger also enhances circulation around the body and for women, the reproductive organs. Some studies also show that ginger has the ability to destroy cancer cells.

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Stomachache Relief

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Aids Digestion

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Increases Release of Digestive Enzymes

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Reduces Cancer Cells

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Release of Bile

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Relieves Gas

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Enhances Circulation

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Headache Relief

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