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Detox Recipe e-Booklet
Detox Recipe e-Booklet
Detox Recipe e-Booklet
Detox Recipe e-Booklet

Detox Recipe e-Booklet

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Sheela created this e-booklet to support people like you who are committed to the health of their bodies. These recipes are intended to be simple and to allow you to experience the true flavors of nourishing food. Each recipe supports the process of detoxification and regeneration.

Includes 33 recipes for salads, soups, entrees, sweets, smoothies, and juices.

As well as being 100% plant-based and gluten-free, these dishes are:

  • Lymphatic stimulating: Supporting the release of toxins
  • Energy reserving: These recipes use foods that require minimal energy to be digested, allowing your body to retain energy and leaving you feeling energized 
  • Astringent: The ingredients in these recipes have the ability to shrink or constrict body tissues, which allows them to release deep-rooted toxins
  • Alkaline: All ingredients used in this recipe e-booklet are alkalizing, meaning they help restore the body to its optimal acidic balance
  • Fast-Transit: These recipes were designed with your bowels in mind, and are intended to transit quickly, avoiding leaving compacted residue in the colon or inducing constipation 
  • Mucus-Free: All ingredients used are non-mucus forming, which is key to all forms of healing and detoxification processes
  • Dairy-Free: This is essential for anyone detoxing, specifically in order to heal chronic skin conditions

These recipes can be followed as a cleanse by themselves or paired with Food Over Drugs herbal products such as the Parasite Formula, Whole Body Detox Tea, or any other formula on the site.

This booklet was created to be flexible. It is intended to support, inspire, and encourage you on your journey to optimal health.

This e-booklet is a digital download. The link for download will be emailed to you just after your purchase.

Each order allows a maximum of 2 downloads per order.

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Shamaila T.
United States United States
Easy, tasty, fresh, fun, health game-changer

I am so glad I made the choice to purchase this neat little recipe book to pair with my 10 day Parasite Cleanse. I loved the options and ease of following each recipe. My favorite was the ginger carrot soup and the chia pudding. So simple but delicious and now I incorporate both meals consistently. Overall, by creating and eating these meals I really felt my body FEEL better and my thinking was clearer and my skin was glowing. We really are what we eat, and having a healthy reflection of that is so important so I'm glad I got a refreshing boost from this lovely booklet!


Sheela has put together some of her best ever recipes in an aesthetically pleasing booklet. I've had the pleasure of eating Sheela's homecooked foods and have been so excited to know that she has created a compilation of her favorites for us, so we can continue the healing at home.