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Diet Protocol e-Booklet
Diet Protocol e-Booklet
Diet Protocol e-Booklet

Diet Protocol e-Booklet

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An in-depth diet protocol and guide to be used for detoxification, Parasite Cleansing, and healing.

This protocol breaks down the various sections of foods and describes what foods support detoxification and which stagnate the body. It also includes tips on how to increase lymphatic flow, how to self-administer a kidney massage, tips for purchasing produce, a guide for reading food labels, and a shopping list.

This protocol will last far beyond one cleanse, as most of the material is intended to be used for various conditions.

Excerpt (Introduction): 

First, I am so glad that you have decided to do this for yourself. My first cleanse was the turning point both in my career and in my life. It was my proof that there was a way out. It was what showed me that we can, in fact, heal from chronic diseases.

At the time, I was having urinary tract infections (UTI) every 3 weeks and couldn’t leave the house without cranberry supplements. Though, by that point, the supplements were barely working and nothing I tried would get the UTIs to stop. A good friend of mine, Scott Embry, had done an iridology reading on me and saw that my bladder was so inflamed and backed up with toxic waste that had I done nothing about it, I would be on my way to developing cancer. He was the one who instructed me during my first cleanse. On the 3rd day of consuming nothing but raw fruits, vegetables and seeds, I experienced the most painful release. I remember crying, texting him on the toilet seat asking if it was normal to experience such pain, and he told me it was and that I was finally releasing. After that night, the UTIs stopped. Shortly after, my acne cleared, my eczema cleared and eventually my menstrual cycles regulated (with the help of herbs).
From that point forward, I could not look at the body the same way. I went on to study detoxification under Dr. Robert Morse ND and wanted only to help other people heal themselves as well. More importantly, I wanted them to know that there was a way out.
The truth is, you don’t need to suffer. And you never needed to. Our current society is simply not set up to teach us how to heal.
I want you to know that it is an honor to share this with you and to be of any support to your healing journey. What I have written here is what I know and have researched thus far, although it’s important for you to continue to explore the various methods of healing after this.
Ultimately, it will be you who will guide yourself. I offer this as a starting point.



This document is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. Food Over Drugs LLC does not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans, therapeutic goals or recommendations of your personal physician. Consult with your qualified healthcare practitioner prior to consuming any herbal formula or following an alternative diet.

Any decision to make a dietary or lifestyle change based on this information is voluntary and Food Over Drugs LLC is not liable for any health conditions that may result from them.


This guide is not intended for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have had any major surgeries, or are currently under the care of a medical practitioner.

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Susan K.
United States United States


It’s been such a unique experience doing the cleanse. I use the detox tea and parasite formula. The tea is “earthy” tasting to me, and when I add some fresh lemon I really enjoy it. I get good results and feel great!

Food Over Drugs Diet Protocol e-Booklet ReviewFood Over Drugs Diet Protocol e-Booklet ReviewFood Over Drugs Diet Protocol e-Booklet Review
Morgan E.
United States United States

would recommend

Thankful for this booklet and the info. Thanks Food Over Drugs

Ulrich B.
Germany Germany

100% recommend

The diet protocol e-booklet is an excellent addition to the FOD parasite detox. It contains useful background information as well as a list of food to buy and not buy.