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This is Tomato.


1. UVA & UVB Radiation

2. Lead toxicity

3. Breast cancer

4. Colon cancer

5. Liver cancer

6. Stomach cancer

7. Esophageal cancer

8. Pancreatic cancer

9. Cervical cancer

10. Prostate cancer


Tomatos have been shown to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB radiation and protect the body from lead toxicity. Tomatos are most commonly known for their anti-cancer properties, but more specifically, cancers of the breast, colon, liver, stomach, esophagus, pancreas, cervix, and prostate. Tomatos contain one of the most powerful anti-oxidants called lycopene, which is what gives them most of their medicinal benefits.


Lead Toxicity

Tomato (Lycoperiscon esculentum) prevents lead-induced testicular toxicity

O Salawu, E., et al., Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences, 2009

Breast Cancer

Colon Cancer

Liver Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Oesophageal cancer studies in the Caspian Littoral of Iran: results of a case-control study

Cook-Mozaffari, P., et al., British Journal of Cancer, 1979

Pancreatic Cancer

Dietary intake of lycopene is associated with reduced pancreatic cancer risk

Nkondjock, A., et al., The Journal of Nutrition, 2005

Prostate Cancer

Tomato-based randomized controlled trial in prostate cancer patients: Effect on PSA

Paur, I., et al., Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2017

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