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This is Rosemary.


1. Cognitive function

2. Memory

3. Depression

4. Hair growth

5. Nervous tissue


Rosemary has been shown to improve memory, cognitive function, and even depression as it increases circulation to the brain. Studies have also shown that rosemary can simulate hair growth and regenerate nervous tissue.

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Improves Cognitive Function

Effects of Rosmarinus officinalis L. on memory performance, anxiety, depression, and sleep quality in university students: A randomized clinical trial

Nematolahi, P., Mehrabani, M., Karami-Mohajeri, S., Dabaghzadeh, F., Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2018

Improves Memory

The essential oil of rosemary and its effect on the human image and numerical short-term memory

Filiptsova, O.V., Gazzavi-Rogozina, L.V., Timoshyna, I.A., Naboka, O.I., et al., Egyptian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2017

Improves Depression

Rosemary tea consumption results to anxiolytic- and anti-depressant-like behavior of adult male mice...

Ferlemi, A.V., Katsikoudi, A., Kontogianni, V.G., Kellici, T.F., et al., Chemico-Biological Interactions, 2015

Simulates Hair Growth

Promotion of Hair Growth by Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Extract

Murata, K., Noguchi, K., Kondo, M., Onishi, M., et al., Phytotherapy Research, 2012

Regenerates Nervous Tissue

CCl4 induces tissue-type plasminogen activator in rat brain; protective effects of oregano, rosemary or vitamin E

Lavrentiadou, S., Tsantarliotou, M., Zervos, I., Nikolaidis, E., et al., Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2013

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